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LocalOffice24 is the biggest and the most flexible service provider in terms of pricing, providing thousands of businesses worldwide with the possibility to avoid high costs by renting a Virtual Office address.

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Economy Plan - QUARTERLY Billing
Save €60.00
44.85 every 3 months
Economy Plan - HALF-YEARLY Billing
Save €85.00
77.70 every 6 months
Economy Plan - YEARLY Billing
Best Value
Save €120.00
119.40 / year


Economy Plan - YEARLY Billing

Locations available with Economy Plan:
Amersfoort (Street Address or P.O. Box address)
Utrecht (P.O. Box address)
Amsterdam (P.O. Box address)
Need an address in Amsterdam? Please consider Standard Plan

Services Overview:
Registered Office: included
Official Mailing Address: included
Hold Mail Service: included
Address Change Assistant: included
Mail Scan & Forwarding: 5 items/month
Business Address: optional
Incoming Mail Translation: optional
Visiting & Delivery Address: optional
Office Receptionist: optional
Marketing Address: optional
Your Company on Google Maps: optional
Local Phone Number: optional
Proof of Address: optional
Phone Answering: optional
Company Name Sign: optional
Use of Meeting Room: optional
Virtual Office Portal: included
Second Company: 10% discount

Yearly Billing: Save €120.00/year
Monthly Fee: €9.95 x 12 = €119.40

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LocalOffice24 Economy Plan Subscription - YEARLY
LocalOffice24 Economy Plan Subscription - YEARLY × 1
119.40 / year
Subtotal 119.40
VAT 25.07
Total 144.47
Recurring totals
Subtotal 119.40 / year
VAT 25.07 / year
Recurring totals 144.47 / year
First renewal: 8th December 2024

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