Frequently Asked Questions

The following subscription packages (plans) – Economy, Standard, Premium – have a certain monthly limit of mail items to be scanned and forwarded to you. If you exceeded the certain limit of your particular package, don’t worry, for a small additional fee we will make sure that ALL of your correspondence is scanned and forwarded to you timely.
The Dutch tax authorities have set a list of requirements that a Dutch company must meet in order to be qualified as a tax resident of the Netherlands. One of the most important requirements is having a real office in the Netherlands. The address offered by LocalOffice24 is eligible to satisfy this requirement and hence will allow your company to be qualified as a tax resident of the Netherlands.
Virtual Office is the combination of a physical business address at a prestigious office center and useful related services (e.g. local phone number, postal address for incoming correspondence, mail scan and forwarding, registration address for Dutch Trade Register, receptionist, etc.) in order to communicate with authorities, customers and suppliers. Virtual Office allows you to create the full image of a real office in the Netherlands without paying high costs for leasing a physical office space. Virtual office provides you with an opportunity to operate your business from anywhere while still having a registered office, business address, marketing address, an office receptionist and a possibility to use meeting rooms in the Netherlands.
A regular correspondence comprises the following:
  • correspondence from the Dutch Trade Register (e.g. letters on registered changes, reminders to submit an annual financial report, etc.)
  • correspondence from Dutch Tax Office (e.g. payment requests, reminders, etc.)
  • correspondence from the bank
  • requests from the Dutch Central Statistics Bureau
  • questionnaires from the local municipality.
The received parcels and packages will be stored in our secure storage until your instructions which may be the following:
  • Self-collecting the parcels/packages;
  • Forwarding the parcels/packages to the address indicated by you.
The first month of storage is free of charge and afterward we will charge a small additional fee per month.
LocalOffice24 is the biggest and the most flexible service provider in terms of pricing, providing thousands of businesses worldwide with the possibility to avoid high costs by renting a Virtual Office address. Our prices are the lowest because we offer the Virtual Office services in our own business centers while our competitors rent the business centers from the real estate owners.
The company needs a Virtual Office address in the Netherlands for the following reasons:
  • company will become the tax resident of the Netherlands
  • company will receive a Dutch VAT number
  • company can open a bank account in a Dutch bank
  • company can enjoy the Dutch Double Tax Avoidance Agreement Network (signed between the Netherlands and more than 100 countries)
  • company can enjoy the tax advantages of the Netherlands
No, while using the Virtual Office address offered by LocalOffice24, your private address will not be visible and will remain hidden.